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The national key research and development program "Ecological Leather, Synthetic Leather Key Coating Materials and High-value Coating Technology" 2018 annual work summary meeting was successfully held

On the morning of October 19, 2018, the national key research and development program, led by Sichuan University, "Ecological Leather, Synthetic Leather Key Coating Materials and High-value Coating Technology (2017YFB0308600)" 2018 annual work summary meeting was successfully held at the Shaanxi University of Science & Technology Library The Teacher’s development center. The project responsibility expert Qiuxiao Li, president of Shanxi Institute of Daily Chemical Technology, was entrusted by the Materials Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology to attend the meeting. More than 20 project, and sub-project leaders and financial experts attended the meeting, which are from Sichuan University, Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Zhongshan University, Zhejiang Dymatic Bsd Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Scisky New Materials Co., Ltd. etc.

The annual work summary meeting was presided over by president of Shaanxi University of Science & Technology Ma Jianzhong. Jie Fei, deputy director of Science and Technology Department, and Taisheng Gong, president of collage of Light Industry Science and Engineering, delivered speeches respectively. Subsequently, the heads of the four subjects under the project Prof. Haojun Fan (Sichuan University, Project manager, Subject 1 person in charge), Prof. Yan Bao (Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, Subject 2 person in charge) 

After more than one year of research, the program completed the evaluation of performance based on waterborne materials, leather performance, equipment compatibility, energy consumption and water consumption, demonstrated the feasibility of water-based leather and synthetic leather coating technology, clarified 10 major differences between waterborne resins and oily resins, revealed the relationship between structure and performance of water-based coating materials and the regulation of coating properties, built a new water-based leather/synthetic leather coating theory, and published more than 20 SCI papers. At home and abroad, the program pioneered the foam coating technology of waterborne polyurethane without release paper and the non-aqueous impregnation and fixation technology of microfibril leather, which broke through the common technical bottleneck of the industry with high water consumption and expensive release paper. Two waterborne polyurethane pilot production lines were established with a capacity of 500 tons/bar. A production line based on water-based polyurethane without release paper foam coating was established with a production capacity of 10 million m/year. A wet production line based on waterborne polyurethane was established, with an output value of 16 million yuan.There are two achievements in the application of "All-water polyurethane ecological synthetic leather and intelligent production technology", which have reached the leading level in China, and "Key technologies and integrated applications of low-carbon ecological artificial leather manufacturing", which have reached the leading level in the world. The scientific and technological achievements such as non-release paper foam coating and ultra-fiber leather non-water immersion technology have been transformed. This project was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Award of Industry, Education and Research” by Sichuan University in 2017. In the process of project research, there were four patents obtained patent implementation licensing, and 6 achievements were transformed. The research results were granted 6 invention patents and 21 invention patents. As the main unit, 7 industry standards were formulated and participated in the formulation of the country. As the main unit, 7 industry standards were formulated. And participated in the formulation of 3 national standards. The program has fully completed the research content specified in the project task book and achieved the expected goals.

Finally, Dean Li Qiuxiao, the project responsibility expert, delivered a speech. He affirmed the gratifying achievements of the project in the past year's work, and put forward good suggestions and expectations for the follow-up implementation of the project.

The successful meeting further strengthened the communication and exchange among the participating units, which helped the participating units to understand the progress of the project and project implementation, strengthened the project organization and management, and laid a foundation for the timely completion of the final task and goal of the project and the improvement of the project implementation level.


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